5 Ways a Maryland Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

October 11, 2018
5 ways
  1. Estate Planning: Determining how to protect your assets and pass them to your heirs upon death can be accomplished through a will and/or trust. Having an attorney knowledgeable about Maryland probate laws is essential to ensuring that your estate plan contains the right clauses from appointing an executor, payment of funeral and burial costs to general and special bequests. The estate plan should also include a Durable Power of Attorney to ensure that your financial affairs can be managed appropriately should you become incapacitated.
  2. Health Care Planning: Elder law attorneys have experience with planning for long-term nursing care, expensive hospital stays, and in-home care and can provide insight and options that you may not have considered on your own. They also help you prepare documents that clearly state your wishes should you have any life-threatening situations occur and appoint a health care agent to make decisions according to your wishes.
  3. Benefits Planning: Part of the asset protection planning includes determining your eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid or Veteran’s Aid. These applications can be very complex and require the assistance of an experienced Elder Law attorney.
  4. Estate Preservation: Elder Law attorneys help preserve your estate from unnecessary taxes, probate fees, attorneys’ fees and court costs.
  5. Peace of Mind: Elder Law attorneys look at your family’s dynamics and help you make decisions as well as articulate those decisions to your family members in a way that helps to bring peace of mind to all involved. Having tough conversations about asset transfers and end-of-life situations can be difficult, but an experienced and compassionate Elder Law attorney can make a huge difference.

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