How to Choose an Elder Law Attorney

January 18, 2019
How to choose an elder law attorney

Elder Law attorneys handle many types of issues such as estate planning, probate, drafting trust agreements, business succession planning, Medicaid and Medicare, and long-term care planning. When you need assistance in one of these areas, follow this checklist to choose an Elder Law attorney that will best fit your needs.

Research – Look up the attorney online. Read relevant reviews, blog posts and other publications that showcase their reputation and knowledge. Determine from their biography how much experience they have with particular types of cases and the convenience of where the office is located.

Initial Phone Call  - Call the attorney’s office and inquire as to how long the attorney has practiced Elder Law and how much of his or her time is spent specifically on Elder Law. Ask about fee structures and initial consultations.

Attend an in-office consultation so you can get a sense of the attorney’s demeanor and personality. You can also assess whether you are comfortable in the office and with the staff. It is vital that you feel comfortable sharing your financial information and estate planning goals. You need to know that the attorney is trustworthy and genuinely capable of helping you reach your goals.

Make sure you understand the fees the attorney will charge. Some work on an hourly basis while others use a flat fee structure. Ask all relevant questions to make sure you fully understand what you will pay and what you will receive in return for your legal fees. At Stouffer Legal, we strive to make this consultation process as informative and comfortable as possible.

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