How to Deal with Loved Ones Prone to Wandering

November 14, 2018

Wandering typically involves a loved one leaving the safe boundaries of the home or daycare center. It may appear aimless but often it has a purpose. Sometimes the purpose is simply to move. Other times it is brought on by a need to find food or drink, avoid distressing or loud conditions, or find a bathroom.

Wandering can be very dangerous for those who are prone to get lost or who find themselves in unsafe or high traffic areas. Here are some tips to keep your loved one safe:

  • Disguise exit doors using murals or cover door handles
  • Install electronic coded lock systems
  • Allow ample time each day for movement
  • Follow a schedule that allows for frequent bathroom breaks, consistent meal times, and access to water/drinks
  • Keep an identification card attached to the person’s clothing with updated contact information

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