New Marriage Means Updated Estate Plan

September 7, 2018


Now is the time to think about a happy future.  However, it is also time to prepare your spouse for handling any future estate challenges.

You have decided to marry and focus on the good times.  However, it may also be wise to think about the importance of protecting your new spouse with some new or upgraded estate planning, according to Cary Citizen in "I'm Getting Married. How Could Marriage Affect My Finances?"

With an estate plan, you can make sure your spouse has the financial assets he or she will need after you are gone.

If you have children from a previous marriage, then an estate plan is a way to take care of those children and your future spouse. Even if your potential spouse is independently wealthy, you will want to do some estate planning, just in case anything should ever happen to that wealth.

Marriage is a happy time, but you need to also think about the possible bad times that could come ahead and plan for them just in case.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances, which may include a marriage. Call (443) 470-3599 today and schedule a consultation with Maryland Attorney Britt L. Stouffer to learn more about Estate or Elder Law and how she can help you.

Reference: Cary Citizen (July 28, 2017) "I'm Getting Married. How Could Marriage Affect My Finances?"

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