What is a MOLST Form (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)?

September 25, 2019

The MOLST form, commonly referred to as DNR – “Do NotResuscitate”) is a form that documents a patient’s treatment preferencesregarding life-sustaining treatment. It provides very specific instructions andis used in a variety of health care settings.

This form can be part of Advance Directives or a Living Willwhich describes various life-threatening situations and the type of treatmentthe patient prefers for each scenario. The MOLST form typically applies topatients with serious conditions who are 1) terminal, 2) require significantlong-term care, and/or 3) want to avoid any or all life-sustaining treatment.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney should accompany the AdvanceDirectives and/or MOLST form because it designates who has the authority tomake decisions in accordance with these established preferences and actuallyconfers the power upon that agent to do so.

These documents should be consistent with one another inorder to clearly articulate the patient’s wishes. It is also advisable toreview these documents annually.

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