Apps and Activities for Those Suffering from Dementia

April 15, 2020

A dementia diagnosis causes hardship not only on the individual diagnosed but also among all the family members and caregivers. Memory loss, personality changes and even physical symptoms like vision impairment and hearing loss may be evident. For those looking for ways to improve or prolong mental decline, here are a few apps and activities to try:

- Alz Calls: A chatbot that allows a caregiver to upload a photo and record his or her voice answering frequently asked questions can be used as a comforting tool. This allows a patient to have an interactive conservation repeatedly and on demand even though a caregiver is not available.

- AmuseIT: A simple to use app for smart phones that offers thousands of quizzes designed to promote conversation and stimulate memory.

- Constant Therapy: A speech therapy app for smart phones that contains brain rehabilitation exercises developed by scientists from Boston University.

- A website promoting reminiscence, defined as an enjoyable recollection of past events. Reminiscence therapy focuses on finding joy and connection by sharing memories.

- Music: Playing familiar music has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote joy among those diagnosed with dementia related illnesses.

If you are concerned about memory loss in a loved one, or the potential that you could develop Alzheimer’s or dementia, contact the knowledgeable and caring elder law attorneys at Stouffer Legal at 443-470-3599 to make a plan and learn what resources are available to you.

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