Practice Areas and Services

Advance Medical Directive
A Medical Directive nominates Agents who are allowed to access your Medical Records and Speak with your doctor. These choices are very difficult for family members to make on your behalf and detailing your preference takes a lot of stress and worry off of their shoulders.
Asset Protection Trust
An Irrevocable or Asset Protection Trust can be used to hold funds for the benefit of an individual or family. This can help protect assets from Creditors or Predators and can help save assets from the crippling cost of Nursing Home Care.
Elder Law & Long Term Care
Elder Law is the counseling of life events related to aging such as paying for a Nursing Home, navigating Medicaid and Medicare, and ensuring that your family has the legal right to support you when you need them the most.
Gun Trusts
A Gun Trust is a tool to keep firearms private, keep your family safe from accidental felonies, and help to ensure that those items are passed to the next generation and continue your heritage and tradition of firearm ownership.
IRA Retirement Trust
IRA is a specific purpose Trust designed for the care and management of transferring your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to the next generation safely outside of the Probate process and Orphans Court.
Last Will & Testament
A Will, also known as a "Last Will and Testament" is only effective after the person who signed it has passed away. That "death event" activates this document and permits your Personal Representative to Probate your estate in the Orphans Court and can appoint a Guardian of your children.
Pet Trusts
Pet Trusts allow you to set aside funds for a care-taker of your Pet without allowing them to send your Pet to a kill shelter and without financially benefiting from the passing of your beloved fur baby.
Power of Attorney
This document names an agent to make financial decisions on your behalf. It can be written to provide your Agent with any level of power you want to authorize. This document is extremely important and very power, it enables the Agent to avoid guardianship, gift assets for asset protection under the advisement of an attorney, pay your bills, manage expenses, make tax related decisions with your accountant, and many other powers.
Probate & Estate Administration
Probate is a court procedure which transfers property the deceased owned into the hands of his/her descendants or beneficiaries.
Revocable Living Trust
A Revocable Living Trust is similar to a will in that it will organize and dictate who your assets will be distributed according to your wishes at death and can help prevent the Probate process after death.
Special Needs Trust
For those with Special Needs, there are government programs to financially assist them with basic needs for living. Funds like a Settlement from personal injury or inheritance could disqualify them from these benefits far longer than the settlement amount could provide for. For this reason, a Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trust can be established to hold funds for their benefit but not ownership.
Trust Administration
Some Trusts are written with a Death Event to distribute the assets held within when a certain person passes away. At this point, an appointed Trustee will step in and perform Trust Administration to make this distributions. This is a common way people pass inheritance without required the involvement of the Probate Court and often times do not require the involvement of an Attorney.
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