April 19, 2018
Can I take away the keys

One huge instigating factor in starting the estate planning process is when an aging parent becomes a danger on the highway. Adult children often ask how to take away the keys. While Maryland law  will not revoke a driver’s license based only on the driver’s age, some restrictions apply for license renewals of elderly drivers. 

One such restriction is that drivers are expected to renew their license at more frequent intervals as they age.  Drivers who are 70 years of age or older, who have never had a Maryland license be denied a license if they cannot prove their medical competence with a report from their physician.

Another restriction is the vision test. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Vision Screening requires a visual acuity of 20/40 in each eye and a field vision of 140 degrees. However, if your vision is at least 20/70 in each eye with a minimal visual field of 110 degrees, a restricted license may be issued. 

Another restriction is that of the requirement to report certain medical conditions upon diagnosis. Those conditions include severe diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, narcolepsy, traumatic brain injury, and dementia. 

If you are concerned about an aging parent and need to make plans for their future, please contact Stouffer Legal.

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