June 7, 2018
Applying tax ID

If a loved one recently passed away, and you begin the estate administration process in Maryland, one of the first items on your checklist is to apply for a taxpayer identification number for the estate or trust. You cannot use the decedent’s Social Security number.

You will use this number to open a bank account and file tax returns. The easiest way to apply for an EIN is on the IRS website (

You will be asked the date the estate was created and you can use the date of death. The closing month is the same month the person died. You will also have to indicate whether this tax ID number is being used for an estate or a trust. The responsible party will be the executor of the estate and they will need to know the specific fiduciary title since this varies from state to state.

The three choices for fiduciary title are:

Administrator – person appointed by the court, usually when there is no will or the executor was unable to serve.

Executor – person nominated in the will and approved to serve by the probate court.

Personal Representative – a person nominated by the will, but not appointed by the court (typically happens with small estates not requiring probate).

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