Edgar Allan Poe's New Movie and Baltimore's Fondness for Him

October 27, 2023

Edgar Allan Poe has a special place in Baltimore, and a new movie, "The Pale Blue Eye," highlights this connection. This film hit select cinemas on December 23, 2022, before moving to Netflix on January 6, 2023​. It tells the story of a detective investigating a murder at West Point, with a young Edgar Allan Poe helping to solve the case​.

Poe's influence isn't stopping there. Another series based on his work, "The Fall of The House of Usher," is coming to Netflix on October 12​.

Baltimore has always had a strong connection to Poe. His mysterious final days in the city have been a topic of discussion and were recently explored in a feature by the Baltimore Sun​. The city hosts events and festivals in his honor, showcasing its admiration for Poe's literary contributions.

This enduring relationship between Baltimore and Edgar Allan Poe is not only seen in events but also in the recent cinematic adaptations of his work. The eerie tales and mysterious narratives continue to capture the imagination of Baltimore residents, keeping Poe's legacy alive in the city.

Photo credit: commonwealthclub.org, Wikipedia

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