False Alzheimer's Diagnosis Sparks Lawsuit

March 8, 2017


A clinic in Ohio, which is now closed, is being sued for falsely diagnosing clients with Alzheimer’s and then treating the disease.

A number of patients of an Ohio clinic may have intentionally been given a false diagnoses of Alzheimer’s, according to FOX News in "Clinic falsely told dozens they had Alzheimer's, suits say."

Many people fear the worst when they forget something, because they are absent-minded and then seek medical help because they fear that they are coming down with Alzheimer's disease. Many patients of the now closed clinic in Ohio, have sued the clinic because they claim they were given a false diagnoses.

The clinic told them they had the disease and accepted their payments for treatment. It was later revealed that these diagnoses were false and it appears that the clinic's director did not have a license to practice medicine in Ohio.

If these allegations turn out to be true, this is a brazen and disturbing case of elder abuse. One of the people affected, even committed suicide.

People are right to consider they may have a debilitating disease but they should also have confidence that the diagnosis is accurate.

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Reference: FOX News (Feb. 8, 2017) "Clinic falsely told dozens they had Alzheimer's, suits say."

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