How Often Should I Update My Estate Plan?

March 27, 2020

There are certain life occurrences that take place which merit a prompt review of your estate planning documents and often require some updates as a result. These include:

Birth – When a new family member is born this may impact any specific bequests and guardianship provisions.

Death – When someone passes away this may also impact specific bequests or require you to modify appointed agents and/or successors.

Marriage – When you get divorced or remarried, it is highly likely that all of your estate planning documents and beneficiary designations will need to be reviewed and updated.

Business Issues – When you start a new business, enter a Buy-Sell Agreement, alter the legal form of your business, change business partner(s), or experience a significant change in your business’ value, you should review your estate plan.

Disability - If a beneficiary of yours becomes disabled, you may be jeopardizing their public assistance benefits by giving them an outright distribution from your estate. With proper planning, a disabled beneficiary may receive an inheritance and still qualify for public assistance benefits.

Some other instances that may precipitate the need to review your estate plan include moving to a new state, tax law changes, or coming into a windfall or large sum of money that alters your planning goals.

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