How the MISSION Act is Designed to Help Veterans Gain Better Access to Healthcare

December 19, 2019

Many of America’s veterans struggled to find timely and adequate medical care in their communities and the rise of this problem led lawmakers to pass the MISSION Act. The MISSION Act requires the VA to establish higher quality care as well as better access to care. The goal is to ensure veterans spend less time driving to caregivers and less time in waiting rooms.

Opening up the option for enrollees in the program to receive private care if VA clinics and hospitals are not available will be a big transformation. The program is struggling to meet the demands of the Act and recruit a large enough network of doctors. The MISSION Act rolled out in June 2019 and will continue to evolve during 2020.

At Stouffer Legal in the Greater Baltimore area, we work with veterans and their spouses to evaluate whether they qualify or may potentially qualify for Aid and Attendance and/or Medicaid in the future. We understand the interaction between both entitlement programs (Veterans Benefits and Medicaid). All asset protection planning that is done to make a veteran eligible for benefits must take future Medicaid benefits into account. For more information on how to apply and assistance with the process, contact the experienced Elder Law attorneys at Stouffer Legal at 443-470-3599.

Learn More about the MISSION Act with this fact sheet provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

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