How to Create a Senior Care Plan in 3 Easy Steps

October 14, 2020

An elder care plan is an organizational tool that compiles daily to-do lists, medical appointments, caregiver schedules and other vital information for ensuring that a senior has the necessary assistance for proper care and daily living.

Assess the Current Situation

Step one in the process of creating a senior care plan is to review the senior’s home environment, activities of daily living, health status and financial situation. While assessing the situation you will want to gather information and notice any gaps in care, areas that need to be addressed and list out step-by-step all daily activities needed.

You may come across some resistance from the elderly person who may see this as an intrusion into his or her personal life, but it is very important to think through every step of the daily routine. As part of the process you can also identify areas where the senior is still self-sufficient and incorporate independence in the care plan.

Set Goals

The second step in the process is to identify what objectives should be achieved with the care plan. After reviewing the assessment, make a list of all the shortcomings or concerns discovered and rank them by highest priority to resolve. Goals can be categorized by the following:

Health Objectives

Safer Living Environment

Caregiver Tasks

Financial Planning

Long-term Care Planning

Estate Planning

Funeral Planning

Create Your Care Team

The final step in this process is to assemble a care team that will help you reach the goals set. Enlisting family, friends, neighbors or volunteers in the community to assist with the senior’s day-to-day needs and personal care may be options. It may be necessary to hire a professional caregiver or apply to a long-term care facility depending upon the senior’s needs discovered. You will also need to include on the team benefits counselors, financial advisors and an experienced Elder Law attorney. For more information in creating a senior care plan, contact the Elder Law attorneys at Stouffer Legal in the Greater Baltimore area.

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