More Telehealth Options Thanks to the CHRONIC Care Act of 2018

September 10, 2018

In February 2018, the Creating High-Quality Results and Outcomes Necessary to Improve Chronic (CHRONIC) Care Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump. This act will provide many more options for seniors on Medicare who need in-home patient care. Benefits that go beyond pure healthcare will be added to mitigate and manage chronic conditions. This will free up space in hospitals, allowing the hospitals to focus on what they do best while permitting people with chronic illnesses to pursue less costly care options that are also less disruptive.

This bill opens the door to more Telehealth options which is defined as any form of medical care that is delivered remotely such as via on online platform or video conference. This is especially helpful for routine monitoring of chronic conditions to prevent patients from having to routinely visit doctor offices to get their blood pressure checked or monitor their heart rate.  

Closely monitoring chronic conditions using remote technology helps to prevent illnesses from getting to the point that hospitalization is necessary. Telehealth also benefits the providers because they can efficiently see more patients each day which results in more overall revenue while lowering the cost of care for each individual because the costs are spread out. The CHRONIC Care Act of 2018 will impact many seniors. For more information on how this may apply to your situation in the Greater Baltimore                                                                                                 area, please contact Stouffer Legal at 443-470-3599.

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