Preventing Litigation Over Your Estate After You Pass Away

March 4, 2020

Avoiding family feuds is often an underlying motivation in developing a fair estate plan. Some items to consider that may help prevent costly and emotionally draining litigation later:

- It’s a Family Affair. Consider involving your family members in the estate planning process. You do not need to keep estate planning a secret. If your family learns of your intentions after you die, there could be conflicts that are more difficult to resolve. Some families include a mediator in the process to ensure all sides clearly communicate their issues while preventing any type of conflict of interest on the part of the estate planning attorney.

- Confirm Capacity. A common issue that arises and becomes a basis for litigation is whether the person signing the documents had the mental capacity to understand those documents. Getting an examination by a physician immediately prior to executing an estate plan helps to confirm capacity.

- Professional Executor or Corporate Trustee. While these roles cost additional fees, they may be worth the cost. For a professional to handle the estate administration and/or serve as trustee of a trust rather than a family member often gives family members the peace of mind of knowing that a neutral party is handling matters properly. This helps to avoid costly litigation and makes the professional fees worth it.

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