Reducing the Risk of Dementia

April 7, 2021

As we age, the risk of dementia exponentially increases. Dementia encompasses a wide variety of diseases related to cognitive decline. It typically presents with symptoms of forgetfulness, irritability, and confusion. There are 3 main ways to stave off dementia – staying physically active, maintaining a nutritious diet and exercising your mind.

Staying Physically Active

Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia. Incorporating both aerobic activities and resistance training into your routine will also help circulation, weight and mental health beyond dementia. At least 20 minutes per day is recommended by most health professionals. Some suggested activities include walking, chair yoga, tai chi or pedaling on a stationary bike.

Maintaining a Nutritious Diet

Eating well not only reduces the risk of dementia, but also other conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Eat a protein-rich diet including fish, eggs and beans rounded out by fresh fruit and vegetables. Limit your sugar intake and processed carbohydrates. Stay hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Exercising Your Mind

Challenging your mind with puzzles, crosswords, sudoku or card games helps keep the mind active which reduces the risk of dementia. Reading, both fiction and non-fiction, is also helpful. Being social and communicating daily with others also stimulates the mind. Make an effort to seek out others for enjoyable conversations each day.

A few other healthy tips for reducing the risk of dementia include not smoking, cutting back or out alcoholic beverages and ensuring you get enough sleep and rest. At Stouffer Legal we care about our seniors and encourage them to seek ways to stay healthy and alert. For more information on senior caregiving, long-term care planning, Medicaid planning or estate planning please contact our office in the Greater Baltimore area. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at (443) 470-3599 or emailing us at

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