Senior Loneliness - Ways to Deal with Isolation

September 11, 2019

Many of today’s seniors experience frequentloneliness and depression because family members may live far away or simply betoo busy for daily interactions. Here are 5 tips to suggest to your seniorloved ones to deal with isolation and minimize loneliness:

  1. Be Expressive – Record your feeling in a journalor on voice memos. Review these entries later to determine if there arepatterns that can help with preventive measures.
  2. Keep Moving – Daily forms of light exercise likewalking or yoga help to release endorphins into the body. The endorphins wardoff feelings of sadness and depression naturally.
  3. Join Interest Groups – Find local groups ormeetups or online chat groups that discuss topics of interest. This not onlyprovides a social experience but adds a regular recurring date to the calendarin which to look forward to.
  4. Volunteer – The best way to get over ourselvesis to focus on others. Find a place to volunteer and give back to the communityand help others in need.
  5. Consistent Communication – Reach out to familyand friends regularly. Learn to text and use Facebook and stay engaged withthose who matter most.

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