Tech Tips for Seniors

July 12, 2018
Tech Tips

There are a multitude of products and apps on the market to make life easier for the booming senior population. A few ideas to consider for your loved one:

  1. Lighting: Install LED-style light switches with stick-on functionality for an easy and familiar method to turn on a bright light. Place light tape on staircases, in pantries, closets or bathrooms to highlight a path or provide dim lighting.
  1. Bathrooms: Add non-skid bathmats to prevent falls on the tile and in the tub. Add guardrails and seats to the bathtub. Use toilet risers to increase the height of the toilet seat for ease of use.
  1. Entry: Add keyless door systems so seniors can punch in a four-digit code rather than keep up with and fumble for keys. Add a video doorbell that shows the visitor on a mobile phone or television screen to prevent the senior from getting up and opening the door for unwelcome guests.
  1. Cell Phone: Cell phones built for seniors come equipped with storage of important medical information, GPS and 911 alerts in case of fall or injury. Connect the cell phone to a medical alert pendant that the senior wears around his or her neck.
  1. Entertainment: Combine all technology onto a universal remote control with extra large buttons for ease of use between television, cable and other entertainment systems.
  1. Medisafe is a robust tool that seeks to help older adults manage their medications, set reminders, and create status reports about how well they have adhered to their medication regimen. 

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