The Perils of Cutting Corners: A Message from the Drive Thru

September 18, 2023

Every now and then, stories from unrelated fields teach us life lessons that resonate deeply. Take for instance, the recent narrative that unfolded between Burger King and their dedicated customer base. The global fast food giant argued that their burgers weren't required to look "exactly like the picture" they use in their restaurants and advertisements. However, the court took a more nuanced perspective, emphasizing the value of customer expectation and the duty of brands to meet that expectation.

Let's draw a parallel from this to another realm: estate planning.

Imagine walking into a lawyer's office, expecting guidance on the complicated, intricate process of probate. You have questions, concerns, and you're looking for tailored solutions. But instead of delving deep into your case, your attorney swiftly downplays the hassles of probate. They brush aside its intricacies, seemingly eager to push you towards the use of a will – a common estate plan that requires assets in a decedent’s name alone to go through the government’s probate process.

Just as one wouldn't appreciate a burger that lacks the heartiness promised in its ads, no one should be content with an attorney who doesn't take the time to truly understand and evaluate your situation. Probate can be a lengthy, complex process that impacts not just the deceased, but their entire family. Settling for generalized advice might leave you unprepared and overwhelmed in the future.

As we've seen with the likes of Burger King, McDonald's, and Taco Bell, failing to deliver on promises can lead to significant repercussions. Similarly, attorneys who don't genuinely invest time in your case can expose you to potential pitfalls down the road.

So, what’s the takeaway? Whether you're ordering a burger or seeking legal counsel, always demand the attention and quality you've been promised. Consider carefully what representations are being made to you, and insist on getting what you’re promised. Settle for nothing less than the best, and always be wary of those who try to simplify the complex without due diligence.

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