Tips for Seniors Traveling this Holiday Season

October 11, 2019

With the rush of theholiday excitement right around the corner, many families are making plans totravel to visit relatives. This may require some seniors to step outside oftheir comfort zone and travel by airplane, in some instances alone.

Here are some tips forseniors traveling by air this holiday season:

  1. Take the time to haveyour senior qualified for TSA Pre-Check to avoid the long security lines andexcessive body and luggage searches.
  2. For seniors who may need helpgetting to the gate for their flight, several airlines allow family members to acquireescort passes. These are similar to a boarding pass but only allow you throughsecurity and to the boarding gate, not aboard the aircraft. This allows you tocare for your senior with mobility issues or disabilities all the way todeparture. Some airlines will also issue these escort passes allowing caregiversto meet incoming passengers at their arrival gates.
  3. The 1986 Air Carrier AccessAct requires airlines to provide free wheelchair service to any traveler whoasks for it, without requiring a description or documentation for that need.After booking your ticket, call your airline of choice and ask to have awheelchair or cart made available on your date of travel. It should be added toyour passenger record and be available once you get to the airport. Mostairlines ask that you make wheelchair or cart requests at least 48 hours inadvance.
  4. The UnaccompaniedMinor programs for flights (helping children fly alone) also apply to seniors. Whilemost air carriers charge an additional fee for this, these programs aredesigned to provide assistance throughout the process to make sure the minor orsenior is well taken care of during the entire trip.

Use these tips toensure your seniors enjoy the journey as much as the destination this holidayseason.

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