Top 5 Signs that Indicate It May Be Time to Move to Memory Care

October 7, 2020

Safety - Whether it is the safety of the senior or your own safety, this is often the first and Top 5 Signs that Indicate It May Be Time to Move to Memory Care

  1. primary reason caregivers give when moving a loved one into a memory care unit. Memory care units are designed to meet the needs of people with cognitive issues and they provide 24/7 surveillance and care.
  2. Exhaustion - Taking care of a loved one with dementia is emotionally and physically exhausting. Before reaching the point of caregiver burnout, it is best to move your loved one into a memory care unit. Caregiver burnout can result in neglect, harm and even death.
  3. Personal Care Issues- Difficulty in maintaining personal hygiene for your loved one may be another sign that it is time to move to memory care. Memory care units typically include assistance with daily living activities including bathing, dressing and feeding.
  4. Loneliness- If your loved one is experiencing loneliness and isolation, they may be better served in a memory care unit surrounded by other seniors, staff and access to daily enrichment activities.
  5. Physical Decline- Mobility issues, weight changes and sleep issues may also be problems that indicate that your loved one needs more assistance. Memory care units closely monitor nutrition and wellness and can provide a more stable environment.

Moving your loved one to a memory care unit can also take a lot of pressure off family members and allow family to spend more quality time together while professional staff is left to deal with the actual caregiving. For more information on long-term care planning and other related Elder Law issues, please contact the compassionate attorneys at Stouffer Legal in the greater Baltimore area.

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