Maryland Cost of Long Term Care Calculator

Knowing how to estimate a cost of care and comparing your options can be difficult. We've put together this calculator to help simplify this process for you. These numbers provided and calculations are based on the annual survey results for Cost of Long Term Care Services in the United States published by the Genworth insurance company. This is a nationally recognized survey and is also used as the basis justification for some of the calculations found in the Maryland COMAR supplemental guidelines for Medicaid services.

Select a Type of Service below to calculate the average cost of care in Maryland.

The types of Services are:

A Homemaker in your Home without and skilled experience or medical background.

A Home Health Aide in your Home who can assist with some of your activities of daily living.

Adult Health Day Care services where care is provided at a facility only during the day.

Assisted Living is a facility where you live, but aren't necessarily supported by medical staff.

Nursing Home Facility with a shared room is where you need 24 hour care with medical attention and occupy a room with another resident.

Nursing Home Facility with a private room is where you have a dedicated private room, but also need the 24 hour care provided by the nursing staff.

How Much Will a Nursing Home Cost Me?

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Maryland Cost of Care Estimate:

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