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Navigating the complex process of nursing home placement, Veterans Benefits, and protecting your assets in Maryland

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Uncovering the Benefits of Meeting with an Elder Law Attorney

We know firsthand how much pressure is on a family member or friend serving as caretaker for a loved one. The decision to find placement in a Nursing Home is as emotionally challenging as it is financially complicated. Here are a few ways leveraging the experience of an Elder Law Attorney can help you and your family.

An elder law attorney can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your legal rights and options, especially when it comes to complex areas such as Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, and Estate Planning.

Elder law attorneys can help coordinate complex financial information with the nursing home and may have legal strategies available to preserve family wealth.

By meeting with an elder law attorney, you can feel confident that your affairs are in order, and that you and your loved ones are protected. You can also rest assured that you did your due diligence in ensuring that you have evaluated all of your options.

An elder law attorney can guide you through the legal process, answering any questions you may have and helping you to understand the steps involved in achieving your desired outcome.

We have offices in Towson, Annapolis and Rockville as well as Zoom for remote consultations.

What to Expect when meeting our Attorneys

The process of meeting an elder law attorney typically begins with an initial consultation, where the attorney will gather information about your legal needs and goals. They will then provide you with an overview of your rights and options, as well as a customized plan of action. The attorney will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that your legal affairs are in order and that you and your loved ones are protected. They will also work to keep you informed of any developments and answer any questions you may have.

Our attorneys have decades of experience and our firm is dedicated exclusively to practice of Estates and Trusts law in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Although we have Maryland based offices in Towson as well as Annapolis, we often accommodate out of state clients over virtual Zoom meetings. If you live outside of Maryland or even the United States, we can be registered as your local Resident Agent to assist with local court filings if need be.