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We are here to help you navigate Estate Administration in Maryland

We help administer estates so you can safely distribute inheritance without delay. Whether you get appointed as the Personal Representative, Trustee, or Executor, it can be overwhelming. We can help you work through these requirements one step at a time.

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Experience in Estates and TRusts

Our Goal is to Make Distributions Expedient and Safe

Being appointed Personal Representative, Trustee, or Executor can be a complex and litigious responsibility. Use our expertise to defend against unneeded litigation and fighting by knowing the rules and filing paperwork on time.

Probating Small and Regular Estates in the Maryland Orphans' Court

Preparing Formal Accountings for Estates and Trusts

Calculating Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Confidently Making Distributions of Estate Assets

If you are responsible for administering a trust or probating an estate through the Orphans’ Court, we are here for you. This can be a very difficult time and our heart goes out to you and your family. Many people are fortunate enough to not have experience with accounting for a Trust or Estate and making distributions with proper legal standing. Lean on our experience to help navigate this process.

Our attorneys have decades of experience and our firm is dedicated exclusively to practice of Estates and Trusts law in Maryland. Although we have Maryland based offices in Towson as well as Annapolis, we often accommodate out of state clients over virtual Zoom meetings. If you live outside of Maryland or even the United States, we can be registered as your local Resident Agent to assist with local court filings.

We have offices in Towson and Annapolis as well as Zoom for remote consultations.

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