Britt Stouffer

Owner, Managing Partner

Britt Stouffer is a dynamic and energetic attorney who has dedicated her career to advancing the field of Estate Planning and Elder Law. She is a staunch advocate for the protection and privacy of her clients and has made great advances in Maryland with the Stouffer Legal NFA Trust and Family Gun Trusts. These wealth preservation and privacy strategies, previously only available to the wealthy and well connected, are now tailored to protect all firearm owners and their families. She has also pioneered the Maryland Asset Protection Trust designed for protection from the growing costs of nursing homes and unexpected predators, rather than the effectively non-existent estate tax. In addition to being licensed to practice law in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Britt has her Masters in Taxation (LLM) from the University of Maryland.

In less than a decade, Britt has grown Stouffer Legal to be the premier provider of Estate Planning and Elder Law services in Maryland. Her firm is built on a strong pillar of constant research and development in the field and has grown from her great compassion for the clients she serves. Stouffer Legal is an “education-first” firm with up front fixed fees and no cost consultations. This ensures that the client is comfortable and well educated before choosing their Attorney, and they are never billed for asking questions or raising concerns.

Apart from saving the world from sub-par estate plans, Britt loves to travel, design clothes, watch British Period Dramas, and meet other motivated individuals. Although her family is from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she was born on base in Louisiana and raised in a Military family. Among other places, she has lived in Fort Meade and attended school at the University of Loyola and University of Baltimore School of Law.

Britt has been a guest speaker for the Maryland State Bar Association Estate and Trust Committee as well the Maryland Conference of Orphans Court Judges. Her extensive knowledge of firearms has made her an expert witness and supplemental counselor to cases involving firearms and other federally regulated personal property.

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