Kaitlyn Tauber

Associate Attorney

At Stouffer Legal, we believe that personal experiences deeply influence our professional pursuits. For Attorney Kaitlyn Tauber, her journey into estate planning was shaped by the personal challenges her family faced when her beloved grandfather suffered a severe stroke, leading to the onset of dementia. This life-altering event opened Kaitlyn’s eyes to the intricacies and emotional weight surrounding personal care, financial protection, and the looming costs associated with nursing homes. It was here that she understood the paramount importance of robust and thoughtful estate planning.

Joining the Stouffer Legal team in 2022, Kaitlyn brought with her a dedicated focus on Estate Planning and Real Estate Law. However, more than her expertise, she brought a genuine passion for helping families navigate through some of life's most trying times. “Estate planning is one of the most professionally satisfying areas of law,” Kaitlyn states. “When approached with diligence and care, it becomes a vessel for granting clients an unparalleled peace of mind. It's a relief knowing that no matter what the future holds, they and their loved ones are well taken care of.”

In her role as an Estate Planning attorney, Kaitlyn has had the privilege to work alongside a myriad of families, each with their unique needs and stories. Whether she’s counseling clients on the intricacies of Medicaid or guiding them through the asset protection planning process, Kaitlyn’s personal touch and expertise remain evident.

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Kaitlyn Tauber
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  • University of Baltimore School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • Member of Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association
Associations and Certifications
  • State of Maryland Title Insurance Producer, July 2019
  • Maryland Real Estate License, May 2019
  • SAFE Mortgage Loan officer License, January 2017
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Bar Admissions
  • Admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the District Court of Maryland in 2019
  • Admitted to practice in Maryland Bar in 2019
  • Maryland, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, District of Columbia

Your Family's Future Is Our Priority

Empathetic at heart and meticulous by nature, Stouffer Legal is dedicated to safeguarding your legacy and the well-being of your loved ones with unparalleled dedication. We are empowering all families through innovative and accessible future planning.


People Often Ask...

  • What would you say your approach is when speaking to new clients?
    When I embark on the journey of getting to know a client, my compass is unwaveringly client-centered. I deeply believe that every individual and family has a unique story to tell, and it's my privilege to uncover it. To achieve this, I prioritize active listening, ensuring I'm fully present and absorbing every word shared. Through empathy, I strive to step into my clients' shoes, understanding their emotions, fears, hopes, and dreams. I engage with open-ended questions, creating a space where clients feel comfortable to share freely and expansively. Moreover, recognizing that each person has their preferred style of communication, I tailor my approach to match their needs. In essence, my objective is to form a genuine connection, allowing me to advocate and advise from a place of deep understanding and trust.
  • What would you say are your distinct strengths and capabilities as an estate planning attorney?
    Navigating the intricate landscape of estate planning requires more than just a legal mind—it demands a delicate blend of detailed proficiency, attentive precision, and clear articulation. As an estate planning attorney, my distinct strengths lie in my profound legal expertise, ensuring that every facet of your plan stands on solid ground. My meticulous attention to detail ensures no stone is left unturned, capturing every nuance of your wishes. Coupled with my adept communication skills, I simplify complex legal jargon, ensuring you're always in the loop and making informed decisions. But beyond these capabilities, what truly sets me apart is my unwavering client-focused approach. I prioritize your needs, aspirations, and concerns at the forefront, crafting tailored solutions that resonate with your unique situation and objectives. In essence, I don't just provide legal services; I forge lasting partnerships rooted in trust, understanding, and commitment.

What I Do For Fun...

  • I've got a liking for long runs, often training for the occasional marathon. It's a great way to clear the head and push my limits. Bowling is another favorite activity of mine.
    Most weekends, you'll find me hiking local trails with my dog, Jake. .And whenever I get a chance, I head to the nearest body of water. It's the best place to relax and get some perspective. In short, I love a good mix of competition, nature, and relaxation.

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Truman Tuttle

Without hesitation we highly recommend Stouffer Legal. They guided us through a complex process and made all accessible and understandable to us. We are confident and secure that our estate will be handled as we want.

Alan Will
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