Medicaid and Elder Law

Why Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

An Elder Law attorney can help you to understand your options when entering a Nursing Home or engaging in costly Long Term Care services. There are many legally approved ways to reduce these costs to you, but must adhere to the letter of the law and failing to do so can have unintended consequences.

Even if your loved one is already in a Nursing Home, it may not be too late to help them save money.

Find Out if Medicaid will help Pay For Your NUrsing Home

When a Nursing Home Handles Your Medicaid Application

The Nursing Home will have you "Spend Down" all available resources and then apply for Medicaid. This is not required, and Maryland law provides for the ability to potentially protect your assets from this requirement. Additionally, the Nursing Home is responsible to ensure that no transactions in the last 5 years could render a "penalty period" which will further delay the payments from Medicaid.

Are you Afraid to Run out of Money?

Learn more about How Others Pay for a Nursing Home

Cost of Care Calculator

To help you understand the costs related to Elder Care, we've provided a calculator that can estimate services such as Home Heath Aide's, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Nursing Home Room Types, and more. You can also estimate costs into the future to see how these already high expenses are only continuing to grow.

Maryland Cost of Care Calculator

Will the Nursing Home take my House?

The biggest reason people are apprehensive about getting the care they need is that if they go into a Nursing Home, then they will have to sell their house to pay for the care. This is a complex issue and depends on your unique situation.

Are you Afraid of Losing the House?

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Do I Qualify for Medicaid or Veterans Benefits?

We hear so many people tell us that they didn't know Medicaid benefits or Veterans Benefits could help them pay for a Nursing Home and those that do often don't believe that they would qualify for these benefits today!

To find out if you or a loved one might Qualify for Medicaid or Veterans Benefits in Maryland, request a Questionnaire here for a full and free Analysis.

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